Stargate follows the adventures of the scientists and military of Stargate Command, exploring the galaxy through a network of gates left by ancient civilisations.

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References Edit

  1. Using a stargate creates an artifical wormhole between two gates
  2. The Asgard and later human ships are capable of travelling through extra-dimensional space using hyperdrive
  3. The Unas and Wraith have humanoid form
  4. The Goa'uld are snake-like parasites.
  5. The Quantum Mirror allows people to travel between alternate realities
  6. A wormhole passing through a solar flare will travel through time as well as space.
  7. Spoiler - hover over to revealThe Tok'ra are the same species as the Goa'uld, but have a symbiotic rather than parasitic relationship with their hosts.

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