The Star Trek series are set in the 23rd and 24th century, and follow members of Starfleet in their exploration of the galaxy.

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References Edit

  1. Warp-capable civilisations have ships capable of travelling faster than light using Warp drive.
  2. Deep Space Nine's story centres around the only natural stable wormhole in the known galaxy.
  3. The vast majority of species encountered by Starfleet have humanoid form.
  4. The Next Generation features Data, who is an android with a positronic brain.
  5. World War III took place between 2026 and 2053.
  6. In The Next Generation episode Yesterday's Enterprise, the Enterprise C travels through a rift creating an alternative timeline.
  7. In The Next Generation episode Parallels, Worf jumps between his incarnations in alternate realities.
  8. In The Voyage Home, the Enterprise crew travel back to 20th Century Earth.
  9. The Trill are a symbiotic species.

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